Positioning API

Do you have a device which runs an operating system other than iOS or Android and you would still like to know it’s location indoors? An IoT device maybe? If your device is able to scan the surrounding Wi-Fi networks and communicate the results with our cloud over HTTP/REST – we can provide you with the device’s indoor location.

IndoorAtlas is best known of it’s patented geomagnetic positioning technology but we’re actually pretty good with radio positioning too. The Positioning API uses the same mapping data and the same radio positioning technology that our full blown SDKs use for the first fix. This means that with the same mapping work, you can now mix smartphones running our SDKs and other devices such as wearables or IoT devices using our Positioning API. The positioning accuracy depends on the richness of the surrounding radio environment and typically ranges from 5 to 15 meters. Logistics warehouses, public safety and smart building, monitoring dashboards – there is an endless opportunity to add value with location awareness.

The new API has been released as a beta version but the underlying technology behind the scenes is definitely production quality!

Read the technical details from this article.