Session Viewer

Our team is working on new ways for developers to access the data produced by their IndoorAtlas positioning sessions. We have now added a feature called Session Viewer in our webtool. The tool is used to validate the positioning performance immediately after mapping your location with MapCreator 2 or when you are preparing to launch your app running IndoorAtlas SDK. Session Viewer helps you to troubleshoot positioning performance issues such as bad network connectivity, disabled WiFi scanning, or non-uniquely configured iBeacons. The video below demonstrates the full testing flow: starting positioning in MapCreator 2, recording ground truth locations using the diagnostic mode, getting the trace ID identifying the session, and finally viewing the session in Session Viewer.

By indicating ground truth positions during testing with MapCreator 2, you can easily compare the IndoorAtlas position estimates to the true position in Session Viewer. For more information on Session Viewer, see our documentation for troubleshooting. Later this year, we expect to open new APIs for developers to access the data from end-user positioning sessions more directly.

Kimmo Sääskilahti
Mapping and Data team lead