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Citynomadi Creates Location-Aware Experience for Moomin Museum Visitors

TAMPERE, Finland – Sept 11, 2017- Citynomadi has developed an IndoorAtlas powered mobile app that gives a location-aware twist for your visit in Moomin Museum in Tampere. The app helps you to find your way around the exhibition, and to gives you location-based information about the Moomin world and its beloved characters created by Tove Jansson. Whether you are looking Snusmumriken or the mystery of the Lighthouse Island, the app guides you there.

“It’s great to see how IndoorAtlas technology is used in novel ways to create completely new kind of user experiences for exhibition visitors. Thanks to IndoorAtlas, Moomin fans around the world can now enjoy this very special museum exhibition a bit differently. We believe that the trend continues and new location-aware exhibition experiences will be created around the globe from the iconic museums to the largest industry gatherings in the world.” says Erik Piehl, CEO of IndoorAtlas.

“Citynomadi is dedicated to create the best location-aware app experiences. IndoorAtlas helps us to focus on what’s important – the end user experience. Moomin Museum app is a great showcase for us, and it demonstrates how completely new kind of experiences can be offered to exhibition visitors by combining mobile app development with an innovative technology such as IndoorAtlas.” says Merja Taipaleenmäki, CEO of Citynomadi.


About IndoorAtlas

Founded in 2012, IndoorAtlas is a global Platform-as-a-Service leader in geomagnetic indoor positioning. Its patented hybrid technology utilizes the built-in sensors in smartphones to detect anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field to pinpoint a location indoors. It provides to thousands of developers with a scalable cloud platform to build location-based services without the need to purchase, install and maintain large amounts of costly infrastructures. The platform supports both Android and iOS, and customers can utilize the provided geoinformation to build indoor location-based services, such as proximity advertising, search and way-finding, within their application. Visit,


About Citynomadi

Citynomadi visualises information and interaction on maps. The maps will be published either on Nomadi app, white label apps, info screens, or web sites. The information on maps can be modified and it can be multilingual. Citynomadi was established in 2009 in Tampere, Finland. The team works on business areas such as city, environment, buildings, and gaming. Read more




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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 738580