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IndoorAtlas Partners With Spottio for Enhanced In-store Experience

BARCELONA, Spain – IndoorAtlas, the global leader in indoor positioning, partners with Spottio, a pioneer in digitization of retail stores

The alliance enables easy and risk free deployment for customers who are seeking for a better in-store mobile experience without hardware. Both IndoorAtlas and Spottio are extremely robust and scalable cloud platforms offering together a rapid and easy deployment.

”We are very pleased to deepen our partnership with IndoorAtlas with this contract, which strengthens the capabilities of both companies to dominate the market. Our capability to offer a scalable service layer on IndoorAtlas positioning platform makes the process for any customer now much more easier and faster”, says Ville Kolehmainen, the CEO of Spottio.

“By combining Spottio’s expertise in retail environment digitalization with IndoorAtlas’ scalable positioning platform, together we can offer turn-key solutions for improved user experience”, comments IndoorAtlas’ new CEO Erik Piehl.

The partnership opens new possibilities in the retail business, as the two companies work closely together and utilize the newest technology to offer highly targeted and relevant promotional content, tailored to meet with the customer’s expectations.

About IndoorAtlas

Founded in 2012, IndoorAtlas is a global Platform-as-a-Service leader in geomagnetic indoor positioning. Its patented hybrid technology utilizes the built-in sensors in smartphones to detect anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field to pinpoint a location indoors. It provides approximately 25,000 developers with a scalable cloud platform to build location-based services without the need to purchase, install and maintain large amounts of costly infrastructures that are often associated with WiFi or beacon solutions. The platform supports both Android and iOS, and customers can utilize the provided geoinformation to build indoor location-based services, such as proximity advertising, search and way-finding, within their application. Visit,

About Spottio Indoor Solutions Oy

Founded at 2006, has been a pioneer in digitalizing retail stores with multiple different solutions such as digital signage, vendor portals and location aware mobile services in retail applications. Spottio platform is a service that enables retailers to deliver with scalable way the location aware notifications; indoors-outdoors as a part of their own mobile services. The functionalities of the Spottio enable efficiency in various daily retail operations in todays retail store and especially serve as the missing module that separates current retail applications from location aware services. Visit,



Erik Piehl

Spottio Indoor Solutions
Ville Kolehmainen
Founder & CEO


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 738580